INSPIRING YOUR MEETINGS… Five novels, 200 million copies and 56 languages. The famous writer Dan Brown would never have imagined the impact of his work. Not only have the adventures of Robert Langdon tackled important topics such as religion and technology, but they have also created tourist trends around the locations in which the action in the novels takes place. Detail, thoroughness and an element of poetic license will transport us, this time, through his latest piece of work, Origin, to one of the most desirable cities in the world, Barcelona. There’s no better way to get to know Barcelona than having read Dan Brown’s novel!


Walking around the Barcelona settings of Origin

Through this literary route we’ll walk around the locations in Barcelona which inspired the American author to create “Origin” and which appear in the book. We’ll get to know the Catalan capital by means of art, architecture, science and the religious organizations that are mentioned in the book, all of which are real. A route that will allow you to contemplate buildings from the 19th century that belong to the modernist period of the famous architect Gaudí. Get caught up in this literary route as you travel from location to location.

Expert guide in the History of Arts

An expert guide with a degree in the History of Arts will guide you through the locations mentioned in the book. The personal guide is key to discerning what is reality or fiction due to the fact that the author includes fictitious descriptions in the novel and uses poetic license. Also, while we visit the modernist architecture of the city we’ll test our knowledge of symbols just like the novel’s main character.

Live Dan Brown’s Barcelona through this literary route!

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